Time Exploring Snails in Macro Photography

Do you think she is also under time pressure?

Exploring Snails in Macro Photography


On this site, you’ll find my collection showcasing the intricate world of snails captured through macro photography. I focus on documenting these tiny creatures as they traverse paths and pavements, capturing them from both above and the side.

Through close-up shots, I highlight the detailed patterns and textures of snail shells, revealing the elegance of their movements and the nuances of their surroundings. From mesmerizing spiral patterns to the gentle curves of their bodies, each photograph tells a story of resilience and natural beauty in miniature form.

Join me in exploring these captivating macro moments. Whether you’re drawn to the intricacies of their shells or the curiosity of their journey, my photos provide a glimpse into the hidden world of snails, portrayed from a perspective that brings their tiny universe to life.

If i could be an animal, I would like to be a snail. Because they don’t need to pay rent and they never have to hurry,

what more do you want!
Note: wouldn’t want to live in France 🙂

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